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Ferad Zyulkyarov

Hello and welcome to my personal home page. I live in Barcelona - a very beautiful city on the Mediterranean.

Since May 2011 I work as a research scientist at Intel Labs in Barcelona. My research is focused on memory architecture and programming models for the future computer systems. Before joining Intel, I worked 5 years (from 2006 to 2011) as a PhD student researcher at BSC-Microsoft Research Center (BSCMSRC), which is a joint research group between Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Microsoft Research Cambridge. My work at BSCMSRC which was also part of my PhD research explored the concepts of programming, debugging, profiling and optimizing transactional memory applications. The key contributions were AtomicQuake, new debugging principles and profiling techniques for transactional applications. AtomicQuake was the first real-world transactional application which gave an important feedback to the research community about the strengths and weaknesses of transactional memory. The new debugging principles and profiling techniques made identifying transactional memory specific errors and bottlenecks easier.

In 2001, I graduated from the high school of Sciences and Mathematics "Nancho Popovich" in my hometown Shumen, Bulgaria. In 2006, I received my BSc degree from the Department of Computer Engineering at Dokuz Eylul Univeristy in Izmir, Turkey. In 2008 and 2011, respectively, I received my MSc and PhD degree from the Department of Computer Architecture at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech. My PhD advisors were Osman Unsal, Adrian Cristal and Mate Valero.

Besides computers, I spend my time together with my family and friends. I have very strong beliefs on friendship and the people that I accept as close to me gain an important place in my life. In my spare time, I like to read books. Although all the books are my favorite, I have a special interest toward classical novels. Traveling and photography are my passions and most pleasurable hobbies. I travel frequently and like to visit and explore unknown places. I always carry my digital camera, and take photos when I see something impressive. I share most of my photos on flickr. With the time, I am getting more and more advanced in photography and since May 2011 I am also selling some of my selected work at gettyimages. In sport, I like tennis and swimming, but I don't do neither of them much regularly. My other favorite pleasures are to drink bitter coffee in the morning and cold beer on sun set.